How to Tie a Tie

For a lot of people nowadays, what was once standard practice has become a bit of an enigma. How does one tie a tie? You may find yourself a little stumped on the proper etiquette when it comes to attending weddings and the like. But not to worry. We’re about to dispense some age-old wisdom, friends. Go through our visual slides and we’ll show you two great methods of tying a tie and also how to master the bowtie! What a delightful bonus, no? Well then, let’s get down to business. Here’s how you tie a tie in 10 easy steps!

A tie is known as a Krawatte in Germany, though the language actually borrowed the word from the Croatians! The necktie originated from a silk scarf worn by Croatian soldiers (so fancy) and thus became known as the cravate. Even ties have an interesting history!