20 Pokémon Based On Strange & Terrifying Japanese Myths

It's no wonder that the creators behind Pokémon look to the real world for inspiration, they've had to make over 800 of the mons at this stage! Their inspiration comes from the world over, but some of their creations are rooted in Japanese culture, or Japanese mythology, I should say. And believe me, some of the myths that spawn new Pokémon are so incredibly strange and terrifying you wonder how they were even considered as inspirators. So click on through our slider and uncover the dark origin stories of some of your favorite mons.

The Jinmenju is a very strange tree indeed – it’d have to be to spawn Exeggutor. The fruit of this fabled Japanese and Chinese tree is said to be actual human heads. Like, living ones. The faces of these fruit heads are said to be always smiling, or even seen laughing.

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