The Summer Trivia Quiz

Summer is here! With the sun beating down and everyone swapping out their winter jackets for summer short-shorts, it’s time to hit the beaches and work on those tans – and take our quiz, of course! This little test here will quiz you on all things summer, from destinations and sports to events and festivals. Can you prove yourself a master of the heat, a real summer aficionado? Let’s see, friend!

Popsicles are a super popular summer treat around the world! Did you know that the summer treat was accidentally created by an 11-year-old boy in San Francisco in 1905? The boy in question left a glass of soda sitting outside in the cold one night and by the next morning it had frozen over. It tasted so good that he began selling them at an amusement park in New Jersey. Today in the U.S., cherry is the most popular flavor for popsicles!